Lord&Hunt - Professional Farmers and Agricultural Contractors

What We Do

Contract Farming Agreements and Farm Business Tenancies will always be heavily competed for on price, but we can offer more than just a financial incentive; with our professional and sustainable approach, land will be cared for under our hand to maintain its long term value as an asset and a resource to those who own it.

All mainstream cultivations can be undertaken. However, the majority of our crops are grown using a no tillage system using a Cross slot drill and utilizing cover crops wherever possible. We have lengthy experience growing all mainstream combinable crops including winter and spring varieties of feed wheat, milling wheat, feed barley, malting barley, rye, and oilseed rape, as well as winter beans, peas, linseed, canary seed, soya and millet on all soil types from sand over gravel to London and marine clay. We use GPS technology extensively, including guidance and variable rate precision farming, and all tractors operate on low ground pressure Michelin tyres.

We are also partners in WLH Farms, our partnership business with George Wright Farms which enables us to bring potatoes and sugar beet into the equation, meaning all local and modern rotations can be catered for.

Our main machinery fleet:

MF8660 – 280hp
MF6490 – 185hp
Sprayer/liquid fertiliser: Amazone Pantera self-propelled sprayer 30m/24m
Combine: Claas Lexion 740
14t Western trailers on floatation tyres

Cross slot drill

After 2 years of research into how we can keep on top of blackgrass, improve our soils, successfully grow spring crops on heavy land and reduce fuel and machinery costs, we invested in a 5m Primewest Cross slot drill in 2015.

Here is a link to a video of a cross slot drilling wheat into a cover crop on our farm in early October 2015. Cross slot video

discordon-from-cabGregoire Besson Discordon – The ultimate soil mixer. As a trailed machine, the Discordon has a huge advantage over similar mounted machines. However, this constant mixing of the soil has the danger of promoting blackgrass over time – one of the reasons we have moved to a mainly no till system.

Horsch into stubbleHorsch Pronto 6m seed drill –  Its main duties will be drilling after potatoes and onions, as well as any conventional drilling required by our customers.

Other equipment includes: JCB Loadall, Kuhn axis VRA fertiliser spreader, TWB subsoiler with Tillso legs, TWB Magic mole, Simba 5m toptilth, Mashio 6m powerharrow, 10m rolls, spring tines, cultivators, mowers, hedgecutter and a 6t tracked digger.

General Management options include:

Environmental StewardshipCropping, agronomy, variable rate soil sampling and field mapping, drainage maintenance, hedge cutting, flail mowing, basic forestry and landscaping.

Environmental stewardship operations

We have lengthy experience growing and maintaining wild bird seed mixes, buffer strips, grass margins, pollen and nectar mixes, hedges, wetland habitat, cultivated fallow and woodland.