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Earls Hall Wind Farm

Aerial View of Earls Hall Farm Windfarm5 turbines were erected in 2012, with fulltime generation commencing early 2013. The turbines are 125m high, and need at least 4m/s of wind to generate power, with optimum generation achieved at wind speeds of 12m/s and above. The land used is leased to BayWa, a German agricultural company specializing in renewable energy. The layout of the turbines was influenced by the prevailing wind, and as a result some field shapes have been modified, although the land lost is minimal. Any awkward corners as well as the land around the turbine bases has been planted up with wild flower mixes and entered in to our Environmental stewardship scheme.

Solar PV

We currently have installed 14 kW of solar panels on grain stores spread over two sites, providing green energy for our own use, with any excess being sold back to the national grid.

Fishing Lake

Constructed in 2010, our 4.5 acre fishing lake has been professionally landscaped, planted and stocked, and is available on a pre-booked ticket basis. We also have a unique catfish lake. See www.earlshallfisheries.co.uk for more details.

Caravan Club, Bed & Breakfast and Self Catering accommodation

Utilising a quiet and disused meadow, we have a Caravan Club affiliated site for up to 5 vans, with running water, electric and waste disposal facilities.

Brenda Lord also offers 4 star Bed and Breakfast and Self Catering accommodation. See www.earlshallfarm.info for more details.