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With many years of experience growing an array of crops, here is a brief summary of the main ones and our approach to their general management:


Presently we grow 2 main varieties, JB Diego for feed, and Gallant for milling with relevant premiums consistently achieved. First wheat’s are sown from the 20th September, with seedbeds normally achieved with one pass of the Discordon followed by a pass with the toptilth where necessary. Find out more.

Spring Barley and Oats

We have been growing Cassata for several years, with malting premiums consistently achieved despite being grown on the lighter land we farm. Seed beds on the lighter land are kept simple: plough and press, a spray with round up then straight in with the Horsch Pronto drill. Find out more.

Oilseed Rape

We presently use 3 main varieties, picked to suit specific requirements. DK Cabernet is grown on the majority of our area, but the hybrid PR46W21 is grown to utilise its vigour on areas known to be pigeon or rabbit prone, and the hybrid Clearfield variety DK Imiron is grown on fields... Find out more.


In 1999, together with George Wright Farms, we formed WLH Farms, a separate partnership company which specialises in land suitable for root crops. Lord and Hunt undertake all the combinable crops and any environmental stewardship, and George Wright Farms undertake all root crop work. Find out more.


We have long experience growing premium crops of winter beans on heavy land, and spring peas (yellow and large blue) on medium to light land, and have cultivation techniques tailored to provide optimum seedbeds – a must when there is so much pressure on a limited range... Find out more.